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Write a letter to your friend telling about your hobby.
Write a report on A Serious Road Accident on the basis of the information given below:
Write an application to your Principal for exemption from appearing at the Test Exam.
Write a letter to your friend telling him about your aim in life.
Intimating a party regarding the procedure of sending  documents directly to the buyer.
Give a letter of introduction to your Office Superintendent, authorizing him to collect question papers from the Education Officer of the Zone.
Introduction to MS Accrss
Travelling to a Historical place_(Essay)
The value of time_(Essay)
Flood in Assam_(Essay)
Science in Everyday Life(Essay)
Life of a great man_(Essay)
Write a letter to reply from the H.O.D  Department of Psychiatry, Maulanaa Azad Medical College to the letter of Manoj Dixit.
Introduction to Database-management system (DBMS)
How does a computer 💻 work?
What is Computer ?