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Science in Everyday Life(Essay)


Systematic and analytical knowledge of anything is called Science. Modern age is an age of science which has affected our every sphere of everyday life. The inventions of science have made our life more secure, easy and comfortable.

Science has entirely transformed the transport system of the world. Nowadays we have motor-cars, aeroplane, electricity, telephone, mobile phone, telegram, radio, television etc. which have quickened the transport and communicative systems of the modern world.

In the field of Medical Science, the gift of science is immense. Nowadays almost every disease is a subject of cure and remedy due to the use of science. We have x-rays, xerox, ultra-sound and many other instruments to examine our body. Thus science has made our life-span longer and happier.
Science, to say, is a faithful servant to a modern man. The alarm clock wakes him at any hour he likes. The electric oven prepares his meals. The cooker cooks his food. The television, radio, internet etc. give him daily news and information.

The use of science makes us know and reveal the mystery of the universe. By means of science, scientists have become able to send rockets to the remote planets.

There is no doubt that science has made our life more and more comfortable. But it has also made our life complex and artificial. But the benefits of its use outweigh its ill.

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