The value of time_(Essay)

Saturday, July 20, 2019
The value of time_(Essay)




There is a popular proverb that-Time and tide wait for none. It is a universal truth that time is a thing that never learns to stop. It is flying all the moments. Time once passed cannot be regained. It is so valuable that no money can buy a passed use of time.

Everybody should be very mindful of the proper use of time because life is a collection of time. We should do the right things at the right moments. Students should make good use of time in reading and acquiring knowledge. Businessmen should use time in such a manner that they may prosper in their business. Success in every sphere of life depends on the proper use of time.

Idleness is said to be the killer of time. Those who spend time in idleness must suffer in life. We should not waste the precious moments of life in idle talk, in reading bad books or doing things that have no good effects.

Human life is precious. The value of life is counted on the deeds one performs in life and the great deeds are performed by them who take care of every moment in life. Time is flying fast. We must seize it before it flies away and put it to our best use. In brief to say we all should maintain punctuality in life.

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