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Write an application to your Principal for exemption from appearing at the Test Exam.

Letter Writing



Date: July25, 2019

The principal, XYZ College,

Sub: Application for exemption from appearing at the Test Examination.


With reference to the subject cited above, I have the honour to state that I am a regular student of your college. I have been reading in the H. S 1st Year (Arts Stream). But I am sorry to inform that I have been suffering from Typhoid for about two weeks. My physician has advised me to take rest for about two weeks. So I am unable to appear at the ensuing Test Examination. Therefore, I fervently request you to be kind enough and exempt me from appearing at the said Examination.

I herewith enclose a medical certificate for favor of your kind consideration.

Yours obedient Student.

Roll No. 2

About Author Mohamed Abu 'l-Gharaniq

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