Write a letter to reply from the H.O.D Department of Psychiatry, Maulanaa Azad Medical College to the letter of Manoj Dixit.

Letter Writing


H. Akhtar H.O.D.

Department of Psychiatry
Maulana Azad Medical College
Bahadurshah Zaffar Marg
Delhi- 11XXXX

13 July,2019

Mr. Manoj Dixit
7/36, Ansari Road

Ref.: Your letter of May 20, requesting for m expert medical advice on our problem.

Dear Mr. Dixit, After having gone through your problem carefully, I would like to suggest that rather than going for treatment, you should first of all try for meditation. It has shown wonderful results in many cases like that of yours, and is getting quite popular with a large number of younger generation. Its application does not have adverse side-effects and the treatment is cost-effective as well.

Though a professionally expert yogi is the best person to be approached, below are given some tips that could be followed.

To start with without any formal guidance: Your problem is quite normal amongst the aspiring young boys and girls and is often referred to as 'the monkey mind' by the experts on meditation. This is because it causes our thoughts jump from one branch to the other, as does a restless monkey. To overcome it, meditation does miracles in training mind to become focused. Practise to sit quietly for a while everyday and mentally repeat a short word like 'OM'. Whenever, you find your mind wandering and suffering from lack of concentration, gently lead it back to the word and keep repeating it. Spend five minutes on the exercise in the beginning and then increase the duration to fifteen minutes slowly. I am sure you would experience good results in the very near future.

Would appreciate to hear from you after two months. With best wishes,

Sincerely yours,
(H.Akhtar) H.O.D.

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