Write a letter to your friend telling him about your aim in life.

Letter Writing


Nagaon Town
Date: 24/ 07/ 2019

Dear Friend, X

I have received your affectionate letter a few while ago. I am glad to receive it. Going through your letter, I have come to know that you are very eager to know about my aim in life. I am telling you to quench your anxiety.

After much thought and consideration, I have chosen an aim of my life that is to become a Pisciculturist. It refers to one who cultivates fishes and takes it as his profession. We know that Assam is a land which is full of ample water resources. There is much scope for fisheries. But the Assamese are not conscious of it. I want to be one who would take the lead to show an example of nursing and tending fishes in a scientific way. For this, I have been studying various books on this field. I have decided that after passing B. A. I will take a diploma in Pisciculture and then begin my mission. I want to be a specimen of many unemployed educated youth. I think that if we can be conscious of this profession, then the problem of unemployment will something be solved. And along with it, our dear land would go a step ahead in self-employment.

Please bless me so that I can reach my goal. Thanking you, I have stopped here today.

Yours truly,


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