Write a report on A Serious Road Accident on the basis of the information given below:

Report Writing


(i) Date, time and place.
(ii) Collision Between a Maruti Van and a Rickshaw
(iii) One Rickshaw passenger died and another injured.
(iv) Hue and cry in the place of the accident.
(v) Police came and the injured person was hospitalized.
(vi) The Maruti Driver was arrested.

Answer :

A Serious Road Accident at Nalbari, Nalbari, July 26
A serious road accident happened at Nalbari yesterday at about 7 P.M. A Maruti Van coming from Guwahati suddenly collided with a rickshaw coming from the opposite direction. Ofthe two passengers, one who was an old man of about 70, died instantly. Another young boy away. He sustained grievous injury on the legs and arms. was thrown People gathered. There arose a hue instantly and sent the and cry. Police came injured person to the Civil Hospital, Nalbari. The dead was identified as the Village Head of Kathalmozhi, a village driver of the Maruti Van was arrested. People reported that the driver was (Local Correspondent-The Assam Tribune).

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