Prepare a report on A Football Match Between Two School or College Teams with the hints given below:


Report Writing


(i) Date, time and venue 

(ii) Two contesting teams

(iii) Exciting game, played according to rules

(iv) The referee conducted the game ably

(v) Result of the match

Answer :

An Exciting Football Match at B. H. College Playground

Barpeta Road, March, 20: A cordial Football Match was held between B. H College and M. C. College Teams yesterday in the playground of B. H. College. The M. C College Team arrived at 1 P. M. The B. H College Team won the toss and the match began at 2 P. M. There were about one thousand spectators and they enjoyed the match with much excitement. At half time the M. C. College team scored two goals. The referee conducted the match ably. After the half time the B. H. College Team scored a goal. They showed their good skills, but could not score more goals as the opposite team seemed to be more arduous. The match ended in 2:1 goals. The victorious M. C. College Team left the field with friendly hand-shaking with the B. H. College Team. The match.came to an end at 4 P. M. The spectators left the playground with excited amusement (Local Correspondent, The North-east India).

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