Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Passage Writing

Question :

  For sending messages to distant places the telephone is better than the telegraph in several ways. To save money we have to make our telegraph message as brief as possible. Even a short telephone call allowa many times more words than does a long telegram. Secondly, we can send telegrams from one post-office to another, but we can talk to people directly on the telephone. Thirdly, we must wait hours, or even days, for an answer to our telegrama. We don't have to wait for answers to what we say on the telephone. The telephone helps us solve problems and find answers at long distances. And it helps us listen to the Voice we wish to hear even when the person lives in another continent or another country far away.

  But a telephone at home can be a nuisance. Often people call you at wrong hours. Sometimes your telephone rings when you are doing something that greatly interests you. You rush to the telephone and pick up the receiver. And what do you discover? The caller has got hold of the wrong number. You feel like slapping him but you can only say "wrong number and put back the receiver.

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Answer :

  For sending message in many ways telephone proves better than telegraph. Firstly it allows more words with comparatively less money. And we need not go to the post office for talking, it also enables instant reply from the other person with added asset of his voice.

  But wrong numbers may prove irritating and disturbing when you are busy.
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