Essay on Robbery in a Train.



The incident of robbery took place a few days back when I was travelling in a second-class compartment. In the running train, two persons entered our compartment. They came through the window and their faces were covered with a black cloth. They were armed with revolvers. They were also carrying swords on their person. 

They threatened to kill the passengers if any noise was raised or attempts were made to pull the chain. One of the persons asked the passengers to hand over all their cash and valuables to his companion. They collected from the passenger's huge amount of cash, orna-ments, watches and transistors.

They put the booty in two sacks carried by them and decamped by jumping out of the window of the moving train when it had slowed down near the signal which was not down. It was only at the next station that we could report the robbery to the station master who called the police.

We related the incident to them but without any hope for recovery of our cash and valuables.

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