Saturday, September 14, 2019

What is a Web page? What is a Website? What is a Home page?

TEACHER NOTES (What is a Web page?  What is a Website?  What is a home page? ).

What is a Web page?

A web page is an electronic document that typically contains several types of information, accessible via the World Wide Web. It is a set of information created, and organized, in a document like format using HTML or other web page authoring and development tools. The web document is interpreted and displayed on the screen according to the instructions of the web page authoring tool.

What is a website?

A website refers no the collection of related web pages of a certain individual, group, or organization, connected through a system of hyperlinks, hosted by a web server in a particular domain. A web site can also be composed of a single web page that contains links to related information located on several websites. Each Web site contains a home page, which is the first document users see when they enter the site.

What is a home page?

A home page is the main page of a web site that typically serves as an index or table of contents to other web pages. It is usually the first web page users see when they visit a web site.